Gold Diamonds

“Gold Diamonds” is part of the “Cohen and Sons” watch and jewelry store chain. Founded in 1959, it is generally considered to be the leading jewelry store chain in the Jerusalem area.

The store’s owner, Michael, is a renowned artist and goldsmith himself. Many of the pieces on display in the store are his creations. Michael also makes custom-made jewelry.

At Gold Diamonds, you’ll find a rich, wide variety of jewelry, from classic gold and diamonds, through Judaica, to various gems and precious stones that will be shown to you by the store’s professional and generous staff. Gold Diamonds also offers, in addition to jewelry, a unique variety of watches from the world’s leading companies.

Every purchase at Gold Diamonds comes with a free gift for you!

Gold Diamonds

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address logo Mordechai Ben Hillel 4, Jerusalem
telephone logo 077-5420343
openning hours Sun-Thu: 9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Fri: 9:30 AM- 3:00 PM
Holiday eves- like Friday