La Pavee - Grill & Gourmet

When searching for the right location for the restaurant he hoped to open, Chef Ron Aton chose a quiet corner not far from the bustling recreational centers of Jerusalem, but with an intimate, French-flavored atmosphere.

The restaurant’s name was inspired by the chef’s memories of France. It has three meanings:
First, the interlocking bricks that pave the streets of Paris.
Second, a cut of meat.
Third, “La-Pav’ee” is also the name of a street in the Jewish Quarter of Paris where a 13th century synagogue is located.

The restaurant boasts a rich, varied grill-gourmet menu, and is strictly kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Machpud.

The menu was carefully planned, with special attention given to every detail- from the raw materials used to the aesthetic design of each serving.

La Pavee - Grill & Gourmet

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address logo Moshe Hess 4, Jerusalem
telephone logo 02-5401921
openning hours Sun-Thu: From 12:00 pm until the last guest leaves.
Fri: From 12:00 pm until one hour before the Sabbath (sunset)
Saturday evening: One hour after the end of the Sabbath (shortly after sunset) until the last guest leaves.