Noya is a Glat kosher restaurant set in the heart of Jerusalem. The restaurant occupies one of Jerusalem's magnificent and romantic old buildings with a design that is both breathtaking and elegant. The restaurant design is, at the same time, warm and intimate with clear, clean line and spreads over two floors paved with Italian floor tiles and wood.

The kitchen offers guests a unique combination of both French and Mediterranean kitchens and provides a culinary experience second to none that is thrilling and delicious.

Chef Gindi Nazia is the driving force behind Noya's kitchen and the person responsible for the celebration of unique tastes and the creativity of the menu.

The combination of gourmet food alongside prestigious design features and the elegant and relaxing atmosphere that fills the restaurant make Noya's the ideal place to enjoy excellent food and an unforgettable experience.


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address logo 3 ShlomTzion Hamalka St.Jerusalem
telephone logo 02-6257311
openning hours 12:00 - 24:00