Manta Ray- incurable optimism

Fish and seafood seashore restaurant

Consistently voted one of the most popular restaurants in Tel Aviv, Manta Ray serves up creatively prepared Mediterranean fare against the beautiful backdrop of the beach and lapping waves.

The space itself is bright and airy, but the tables lining the outdoor veranda and overlooking the sea are undoubtedly the best in the house. The cuisine is equally light and refreshing: with various fish, scallops, shrimp and squid accompanied by side dishes that complement, but never overpower them.

The restaurant also offers meat and poultry options, and its Mezzes – small salads and spreads featuring fresh Middle Eastern ingredients served withBalkan bread and olive oil - have developed something of a cult following among locals. For those looking for a special start to the day, Manta Ray is open daily for breakfast.

Manta Ray- 
incurable optimism

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address logo Alma Beach- Charles Clore Park Tel Aviv promenade
telephone logo 03-5174773
openning hours Sun-Sat 09:00-24:00