Benedict's ground-breaking concept is all about breakfast, all the time; serving the most important meal of the day, in all its glorious varieties. These stylish intimate restaurants are open 24-hours a day, in an atmosphere that combines laid-back Israeli cool, contemporary New York chic, with a classic European touch. An original idea that encapsulates upscale comfort food, leisure and the Tel-Avivian lifestyle in one package.

While Benedict’s breakfasts range from the English classic, sausage-and-beans, to the lighter Mediterranean variety, they are all equally delicious, and made from high-quality ingredients, even the bread is baked in-house, spreading a comforting aroma throughout the premesis.

In all, the Benedict menu has a wide selection of breakfasts ranging from the Israeli Breakfast to the “Texas style steak and eggs” as well as some signature dishes such as the “benedict egg balls”. Some people wake up to a cheese omelet, others can’t start their day without a mouthwatering piece of meat. Breakfast is a life-style choice and a definition not only of when you eat, but what and where. So stop for a minute, unwind and have a glass of champagne.


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address logo HaEtzel 1 (corner of Ramat Yam) Herzlia
telephone logo 03-6868657
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