Amir Eliyahu

I draw my inspiration from my imagination, from the street and from the constantly evolving world of fashion.

My inspiration is never detached from my will to make other people look good and feel wonderful with themselves. I live and breath the hairstyle scene.

It was with extreme diligence and utmost earnestness that I made my way from the bottom up. Specializing in hairstyles and various techniques both in Israel and in major capital cities around the world - Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London and more.

To watch the collection: click here.
To watch Amir Eliyahu’s video clip: click here.
Amir Eliyahu’s beauty salon provides hair styling and cosmetic services:

  • Bridal and evening hairstyles.
  • Face makeup of all types.
  • Men / women haircuts.
  • Hair color and highlights.
  • Bridal / evening makeup.
  • Cosmetics: eyebrow shaping, facial treatments, permanent makeup, wax, innovative treatment for smooth, young and healthy skin.

  • To watch the cosmetics website: click here.

    Amir Eliyahu

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