Ramat Aviv Mall

The Ramat Aviv mall is one of the largest and most elegant in Israel. The mall is home to 140 stores of leading brands – international and local, prestigious and boutique, alongside each other. This variety of brands helps to create an inspiring, prestigious shopping atmosphere.

In Ramat Aviv mall, a strong emphasis is made on the incorporation of art, music and lifestyle; in addition, exhibitions, performances, displays, and sales are held several times a year, thus bringing about a complete, unique shopping experience. The mall is located in the heart of a posh Tel-Aviv residential neighborhood, constituting a recreation and business center for residents, tourists and the general public.

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Ramat Aviv Mall

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address logo Einstein 40, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
telephone logo 03-6426612
openning hours Sunday-Thursday: 09:30-21:30
Friday: 09:00-15:00
Saturday: one hour after end of Sabbath until 23:00