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The Traquilla Restaurant, located in Tel Aviv's southern and boisterous south, opened in 2010 and soon became an island of peace and tranquility in the city that never stops. The Tranquilla is an Italian Bar – Restaurant designed in the style of New York which manages to give its customers a culinary experience that engages all of the senses. Watch the skilled and experienced team working in the open kitchen, hear the sound of the pots and pans, the aroma of fresh basil wafting through the air, the touch of the hot, soft, freshly baked Focaccia and the fine Italian flavor that is part of each and every dish you order – together create an extra special experience! The restaurant's success lays in its unique atmosphere, the warm and friendly hospitality and the personal attention given to each customer and in the top quality and fresh ingredients that are the foundation of every dish. The pizza dough, made in the kitchen using the finest Italian durum flour, varieties of pasta, tomatoes and coffee imported directly from Italy, excellent cheeses and fresh fish brought in daily are just a part of the rich and varied menu that the Tranquilla offers. The menu, which has a simple yet first class quality to it, is the result of great thought and consideration on the part of the chef, Asaf Rothschild and the culinary advisor, Jessica Halperin. Both of them set themselves the goal of preparing kosher Italian food that is exact and delicious but that also has nutritious value. The Tranquilla offers rich breakfasts' that include Focaccia backed in the restaurants own brick oven, the very finest business lunches where even the best dressed businessman won't be able to say no to a glass of wine with their meal from one of the many fine wines available. Enjoy dinner with one of our special and unique cocktails'; Peroni - Italian draught beer or a desert or pastry freshly made in the kitchen – and this includes Italian ice cream. The Tranquilla is a restaurant which combines fresh and excellent Italian food with top class and personal service. The area that it's set in is the home of many artists, musicians and designers - and as such, is the ideal location to achieve the owners vision – to create a restaurant where the desire for and love of art go hand in hand with the culinary arts and create an experience that can best be described as – Tranquilla! The restaurant can accommodate special events for up to 150 guests.

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